• Library
  • There is a large collection of books in the departmental library comprising of more than 10,784 books covering all areas of Plant Sciences, It has a seating capacity of about 70 students. Research Journals, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Newspapers and Books of general interest are also available.

  • Computer Laboratory
  • A computer laboratory equipped with 40 computers is available to all classes for assignment preparation and literature search.

  • Ladies Room
  • A ladies room is available separately for prayer and relaxation.

  • Lecture Hall/Auditorium
  • One lecture/ seminar hall is available in the department with a seating capacity of 200 seating capacity. The hall is well equipped with multimedia and overhead systems.

  • Students Transport
  • The university has its own well established transport system for students/staff and faculty for daily picks and drops. The Transport Department also provides vehicles for study and excursion tours. A shuttle service is also there for intra-university transportation.

  • Medical Facilities for Faculty and Students
  • The Health Centre in the campus provides emergency, OPD and six bed hospital faculties. Services for general medical care and ENT, eye, dental, pathological examination and radiology labs are available.

  • Academic Counseling
  • Guidance is available to the students from teachers beyond teaching classes. There is a Career and Counseling Centre in the university to help out the students. Faculty members make informal communication with students in tutorial periods and discuss matters related to studies and career designing. A student Advisor is there for consultation on academic and other matters. Moreover, each academic program has a faculty member as Coordinator for the guidance of student. All the faculty members also advise students during their research tenure.

  • Students attendance record
  • Students attendance record system is in practice and calculated/observed before the final term examination. Students with less than 80% attendances are not allowed to sit in examination as per University Semester Rules.

  • Financial Support to Students
  • Number of scholarships available for students.

    Sr. No.

    Scholarship title





    Punjab University (Merit Scholarship)




    Punjab University (Needy Scholarship)




    Punjab University (Post Graduate Scholarship)



    HEC Scholarship

    Split Ph.D. , Indigenous Ph.D. and IRSIP scholarships are available for students and they get them if they qualify.


    Other Scholarships




    Many other scholarships like give detail (PEEF) scholarships, District scholarships, Province scholarships, DPCC scholarships are being given which are also displayed on notice board from time to time.

  • Greenhouse, Experimental Area
  • There are experimental areas available for the field work of research students. There are four wire houses in the ground opposite to the Chairperson's office. There are five wire houses and about ten experimental areas in the Botanical Garden for student's research. Greenhouses of different dimensions have been constructed for experiments with plants in the Department, Seed Center and Botanical Garden. These are meant for in vivo treatment of plants and research experiments.